You need Help? Call Frank Genesee

Are you criminally charged or under investigation? Do not panic,
we are here to help you and are away only just a phone call during 7/24. Frank
Geneese will give you a free consultant to know your rights. Before you do
anything you need to know some simple rules. Now Let’s what are they.

In Canada, you are innocent until proven guilty. A set of
rules and procedures provide innocent people from being invicted. In fact, you
do not have to prove your innocence. It is prosecution’s duty to prove
you are guilty. If they can not prove then the charges must be dismissed.

Then we came to the question that; what must they
proof? As you can imagine Criminal Lawyer in Brampton is a very complex area. However, can give
some samples. For instance your identity, the prosecution must prove that you did
the crime. Another question is; does the court have jurisdiction over both you
and the charge? Another important matter is the time frame, do not forget some
charges must be paid within a certain period of time. Was what you did a real
crime? In this case, there must be specific facts that the prosecution must
prove. Frank Genesee will explain what are they and how you should proceed.

Now we came to an important point that what situations can Frank
Genesee help you with? For instance, Police investigations. Do not wait until
you questioned. As soon as you receive the phone call contact him. If you have
been arrested don’t attend your bail hearing alone. Domestic assault, impaired
driving, drug charges, sexual offenses, weapon offenses, financial or property

As you can see no matter what the charge is or no matter
what you faced with! Frank Geneese, lawyer Mississauga, could make a difference in the outcome of
your case.

Criminal lawyer for you

A criminal defence lawyer who once was a State Prosecutor enjoys a huge advantage over his peers because he knows exactly how prosecutors handle your case and he can identify its strengths and weaknesses from the prosecutor’s perspective.

A reputation for reliability. You should know that a criminal defense attorney does not only look after you in court; he speaks for you in all venues and situations where your criminal case is implicated.